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BooPets is a world born purely of magic, a dimension all its own situated between the human world and the final resting place of souls. Here, chaos and chance rule while running amok with the magic that imbues the very air. Real evil and perfect goodness are rare elements here and the dark and disturbing are considered perfectly normal. BooPets is the axis between heaven and hell, and the balance could tip either way at any time.

BooPets is a fun virtual pet game with an awesome community. Where you can adopt virtual pets, play dress up with your character, play games and meet some amazing people.

Why not join today to create a pet of your own and start having fun straight away, lots of art and features are added weekly.

What are you waiting for? Why don't you embark on your journey today?

Dead Tree Brown Malvox

Harvest Yellow Caprine

Harvest Yellow Hopi

Biohazard (Premium) Araneida

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Over 130 combinations.

Cian's Bio

Sticky Black Gummy Brooms


Eyeball Marbles

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Over 2,000 items to collect.




Feel Lucky

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Over 60 avatars to collect.

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